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This template can be used for all sorts of businesses - photographers, designers, bloggers, you name it. The photos, colors, and fonts can all be changed easily, so when choosing a template, pay more attention to the functionality and page layouts (which can also be changed - just not as instantly.)

I help creative entrepreneurs leverage storytelling through their online space.

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Im Brandilynn and I am so excited to meet you. In 2014 I launched my first custom website and never looked back. I finally decided to hang my camera up in 2020 and continue on my journey of helping other small business owners develop their brands and share their stories. I believe we all have a story to tell and I whole heartedly believe our stories matter in our business.

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krysta norman

Since the start of my business I've been a Wordpress/ProPhoto user, making updates and changes on the backend myself. It was a pain, while I love Wordpress and at the time my template in ProPhoto - it really wasn't user friendly. You basically need to be a designer in order to make any type of change: big or small. I made the decision in early 2020 to have Brandilynn completely redesign my website and give it the overhaul on brand and client experience that it desperately needed.

She was able to create a website that spoke directly to my clients, allowing them to easily move through the site to their destinations (weddings, boudoir, portraits + travel) without getting lost or frustrated before submitting an inquiry. I am also able to adjust on the backend things like available dates, upcoming sales and mini sessions without wanting to pull my hair out. The number of inquiries I have gotten has increased since the switch and I'm positive it's because of the sleek design and usability. It's been almost a year since the website has been completed, I am thrilled and even now think about the amount of money I probably lost by not doing this sooner.

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