This is where you can talk about your philosophy, your approach, how you work, etc. Remember, every section of this site can be moved around, used for different purposes, or deleted if necessary. This demo is just an example of what's possible, but you should totally re-style this site to match your own unique needs and creative vision!

Something here about exactly what you offer and why.

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We set-up a discovery call and discuss your visions and goals for your business and brand. In this call we will map out a 7-day site design strategy. This includes choosing a template that will showcase your business story. 

Step 1.

Your design week is here and your content is loaded into your client file. It's finally time to begin your site! The first day I will be knee deep in your site converting all your branding colors and logos into the platform. Then I begin the transformation process of the chosen template. 

Step 2.

Now that I have all your content loaded and the template transformed to tell your story it's now your turn. I send a link where you can make notes of any modifications to the site. I always give my client 24-48 hours to complete this part. During that time I am generally working on the backend techy stuff for your site.

Step 3.

Once I have your modifications list back I will begin the final changes. This generally takes me a day or so. Once completed, you and I will hop on a video chat where we do a final walkthrough. This ensures we have a smooth launch day. I also record a how-to video specific for your site. This makes future updates a breeze. 

Step 4.

It's launch day!!! We are now on day 7 and it's time to go live. I will be available for full support during day 7 to ensure a smooth launch. After launching I am always available for support or questions. Now you get to enjoy your brand new site for many years to come. 

Step 5.

the process

worked with:

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Are you a designer needing development support? I'm your gal! I can transform your wireframes into Showit sites like yesterday!

for designers

Need something a bit more in depth? This is great for long standing established businesses.

custom sites

Showit template customization in as little as 7 days. From start to launch!! This is great for start-ups or businesses that want to get something live asap.

7-day sites